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NUMEROLOGY : Lucky Months: January to June

Lucky Months:

Now let us know the qualities of months in which whose month of birth falls in i.e. if you were born in the respective month, you may note the qualities of your birth month. This may also play an important role in the life map of a person. They are: January to December:


You will have good physique, heart, health and courage. Ancestral property is seen. Helping nature, sincerity and good ideologies are seen. Foresightedness, good nature, no care for others are seen. You may likely to lose money/property due to your friends or others. You will have revolutionary ideas. You will come up in your life. You think to travel foreign countries. Settlement of your life will be after your 28th year. You will have high plans to change the society by rooting out the old customs. You will not tolerate if anybody talks against your will and wish.


You will have over-talking nature, angriness, cleverness and education. You have both love and angry like war and peace. You are adamant in nature. Doubting tendency is seen. Helping nature. You will try to get super-natural powers. Because of your hastiness, you may lose some benefits. You will not sleep unless you take revenge against your enemy. You will always wait for the opportunity. Your 20th year is a good one. Even in gathering, you will be like a fish out of water. Your 37th year onwards, good period is seen. In your 43rd year, there is likelihood of change of your place. Secret enemies are more. You will have more name and fame than money. By hook or crook, you will get your things done.


With the help of others, you will come up in your life. You look to be sad. You will behave according to the situation. Any habit, if you want, you will change. You may spend money like water. You are more fond of earning money. Criticizing nature. Unable to bear the highness of others. You will be attracted by others. Only after your 30th year, you will have good period. Your 32nd year is not good to your father. Your movements are peculiar. You look to be busy always. You like travel and have got adamant nature.


You are egoistic and merciless. You feel that the whole world is moving on according to your will and wish. Independent nature. You do not like criticism. You may get disputes through your spouse or children. Due to lack of tactfulness, you will get enemies even on small issues. Adamant nature. It is difficult to know your mind. Lack of satisfaction in sex life. Between 30th and 33rd years, you are likely to face problems and losses. Economically you will face more troubles. You will be criticized by your close kith and kin. Danger with fire, engines, guns, knifes. Be careful while talking to others.

MAY = 5

You are very adamant in nature. Whatever the work that is taken up by you, you will see its completion. You will always try to keep others under your control. Patience, remembrance power, philanthropic nature and love are more. You are very much jealous. Quick in mind and action. Pomp show. If you have grudge against any one, that will be there till your death. You keep away the people who create nuisance and non-sense to you. You will declare war by openly telling the same to your enemies themselves. You want to preach for others but you may not follow what you preached. Family life is not so good. Earning is average.

JUNE = 6

You are very clever but no concentration on anything. You seem to be beautiful/handsome. You will act according to the situation leaving aside justice. No firmness of mind. With your tactful talks you are going to deceive people. Life is full of ups and downs. It is difficult for others to know your inner mind. Flickering attitude. You do not know what you have to do at the appropriate time. Good beginning and bad ending. Always busy in doing useless things. You will always blame others. Your 33rd year is very good. You will unable to tolerate difficulties.

Lucky Numbers for Ladies Based on NUMEROLOGY

In addition to the earlier qualities of all Lucky Number people, posted to my Blog earlier, the following qualities are also applicable to LADIES:


Fond of name and fame. More ambitious to travel, like to enjoy life. More adamant. You will be able to participate in all fields. Delicate health. Unable to tolerate heat. Problems in family life. Due to that problems of mind. Pious in nature.


After long thinking only, you will make friendship. No satisfaction in family life, even then you will adjust with it. Always construct castles in the air. Quarrel with your husband is seen. Education average and you are more clever.


You are fond of attracting others. Pomp show. It is somewhat difficult to get husband according to your ideologies. Sometimes idle, enjoyment through book reading and amusements. Agoistic, independent, love, kindness are in-born qualities for you. Troubles with nerves and blood are seen.


You are quite different. Courageous. If angry, you will not express it outside. Cunning nature. You are attractive. You will leave the people as soon as your work is over. Whether good habits or bad habits, they will be extreme. It is difficult to know your mind and mentality.


You will talk humorously and extraordinarily. You will attract people. Fond of bringing up dogs, birds, cats or domestic animals. Early marriage is seen. You will behave in a clever way. You are a disciplined lady. You will follow discipline and make others to follow. Sacrificing nature to whom you love. Always active and cheerful but some times dull.


You look to be very attractive. You will have more friends. Fond of arts of all types is seen. Your mind will not be idle. You may not talk freely with others.


Frank mentality. If spiritual, you will go to extreme end.


Fond of customs of the Religion. You will have beautiful and high positioned friends. You will be attracted by others by your UNIQUE qualities. Lust and angry are more. Lungs, nerves, teeth, ears diseases are seen.


You are courageous. You are active in all works. You will store your angriness in your heart itself. Sometimes, your adventures give bad effects. Be careful. Family life is not so good. Being deceived by others. Anyhow it is difficult to assess your merits and demerits on some specific issues.