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NUMEROLOGY : Lucky Months: July to December

Lucky Months:
Now let us know the qualities of months in which whose month of birth falls in i.e. if you were born in the respective month, you may note the qualities of your birth month. This may also play an important role in the life map of a person. They are: January to December:

JULY = 7

You have delicate mentality. Attachment to family is more. Life has ups and downs. Short temper. Good heart. Having individuality. Independent nature. Able to understand the mentality of others. Busy with earning money and family affairs. Business is difficult for you. Family satisfaction is less. Though everything is OK, no peace in family affairs. Unable to express your mind at right time. Your 38th year is very good for you. Since your digestive organs are not good, you have to avoid meat, etc.


You have power, enthusiasm, dareness, firmness and kindness. You will act according to your limits. You have authoritative nature. You do not like deceivers. You always want love but it will be always away from you. Temper, pomp show are more. Able to excuse others even your enemies. Controlling capability, successfully fulfill the work and patience are seen. If somebody instigates you, you will be angry and attempt the works which give you damage. You always attempt big things; if they are not there, you will be dull. DIFFICULTIES AND DEATH ARE FEARFUL THINGS FOR YOU. Friendship with elite and foreign travel are seen. Unexpected incomes are seen. Your 37th year onwards, you will have growth in your life. Be careful in your 8th and 46th years about WATER. YOU CONSTRUCT CASTLES IN THE AIR. AVOID THEM.


You are active, clever and will be accustomed to any type of life. By being born in an average family, you will come up in your life. Try to maintain individuality. You will come up in your life with the assistance of elite. You are optimistic and attract luck. Money earning only is your main motto. No mercy in your heart. No kindness. You are well in your argument. By hook or crook, you will take revenge against your enemies. You will get your things done. Danger are/were seen in your 2nd, 20th and 38th year. Your life will be good after your 25th year.

OCTOBER = 10 = 1+0 = 1

You are expert in any one subject. You are high in your mentality. You have got firm control on your thoughts, moods and on your works. You act and talk according to the situations. Frankness, helping nature, doing good things to the society are plus points in your life. By talk, you will attract others. Family life is good. Your economic condition is average. No problem for food and fame.

NOVEMBER = 11 = 1+1 = 2

You are clever enough. Your mind, ideas are active in getting the things done according to your will and wish. You have got tactfulness with which you will win over the difficult situations. Patience is more and angriness is less. You have got attraction power. You will forecast your problems in advance and take precautionary measures. Helping nature. Generally, you are born under rich family. Activeness, alertness and health are added assets for you. You have adjustment nature. If things gone out of order, you will bring the situation under your control and mould it according to your needs. You will change your enemies as your friends. Be careful in your 42nd and 43rd years. There is a likelihood of defame in your life. You have got more enemies. You are fond of family and things. You will enjoy both plus and minuses in life.

DECEMBER = 12 = 1+2 = 3

You are very courageous. You do not like deceivers. You are kind enough. You are alert, active and keen in observing both sides of the situation. You have to do exercises and YOGA by which you will get good health and mental powers. You are able to handle any type of job. You have helping nature. From your 32nd year onwards, your life will be good. Because of others, you may lose money/property and neglect your education. Because of your frankness, you may have more enemies. Be careful in your 26th, 35th, 44th, 53rd and 62nd years as far as health and dangers are concerned.