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Qualities of Two-digit Numbers

Qualities of Two-digit Numbers

In addition to the main qualities of 1 to 9 numbers, mentioned in earlier postings, the following two digit number qualities also may be taken into account. For example, your name number is 70: you can read the "70" number qualities mentioned below.


As per your name, it indicates idealism rather than realism, and building castles in the air are seen. You will be tactful in achieving your object more by right means. As political leader and religious reformer, you exert tremendous influence over others. But life is no rosy path. This name indicates over-sleep which is controlled by Saturn.


As per your name, it indicates dealing with the various activities of bad nature during night. Better avoid this name number.


As per your name, this gives you great opposition. By help of Jupiter very high position is likely. Super intelligence is indicated.


As per your name, you will have fluency of tongue, godliness and prosperity indications of War and Destruction are also implied.


As per your name, success in all enterprises can be seen. Knowledge of science, music, etc. are indicated. This is a very fine name number. Ladies in this name number will become efficient in Musical instruments, etc.


As per your name, it indicated enjoyment of vehicles, friends, name and fame in society, benefits from superiors, wife a source of happiness is also seen on one side. On the dark side danger, untimely food, physical hurts are likely. Professions suited for Venus will give good success.


As per your name, this is purely a spiritual name number. In the positive side, landed properties, easy access to your desires, respect in society, many friends, logical success in trade, military or political career are indicated. But in the negative side, more enemies, unpopularity, obscurity and attraction to Yoga in later life are indicated.


As per your name, it makes you highly passionate. It is also likely that love may become jealousy. If you flatter these people you can get anything you desire from them. Riches and wealth are in ABUNDANCE.


As per your name, it indicates diplomacy, positive tendency, cleverness and combined with great strides in life resulting in dullness and obscurity.


As per your name, you have adventurous spirit, reflective nature, intelligence, philosophical outlook and wealth.


As per your name, you will have riches, honour, and relief from fear. If this name number suits you, it gives greatest success to you in life.


As per your name, it indicates vast learning, intelligence, righteous mind, stately appearance, popularity and riches are indicated. In the inner implication it is also seen that increase of cattle wealth and milk are indicated.


As per your name, it indicates indisposition, wavering tendency, misery combined with good speech, liking for art and literature. Not much successful name.


As per your name, it indicates a strenuous type of life. Easy friendship, of course without looking deep into them, is likely. With daring spirit and frankness the speech will be blunt. Being very sensitive, like personal freedom and is much interest in art and literature. Impulsiveness is also likely. This deals with the blessings of Goddess of Learning.


As per your name, gains in adventurous new ways, thrifty, logical, sudden loss and gain, retiring dispositions are indicated. Not so highly successful.


As per your name, though the true significance is not clear to common man, gentlemanly appearance, fame, riches and travels are indicated. Spirituality is essential.