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The qualities and characteristics of the people who born in the respective periods:

People born between 21st March & 20th April

You are candid, keen and creative, but you are also impetuous and headstrong. Your ceaseless drive get you off to a good start on any project. Though quick to anger, you are often calm easily. You are humorous and quick of wit. You enjoy music and entertainment. You say the right thing at the right time. You like new things. You may be good consultant and give creative ideas to other people. You leave details to be executed by other people after laying down a policy. There is a strong ego in your case which make you visionary and idealistic. Usually you do rise to positions of nice and esteem. You are impatient. It often spoils your careers by making them ficle, false or foolish. You spend money extravagantly when you have it. Finding faults with others, you become angry when the plans fail. You are fanatical about your standards and if keep them yourself under proper control and self-discipline, you can foster friendship and promote harmony and beauty. Being natural leader, you do not like to take orders from others. In business, your determination spells success. You are suited to the Atomic Age as you shine in new and undeveloped fields, you make good pioneer because of your eagerness to lead the way.

People born between 20th April & 19th May

You are usually opportunist. You take what comes along rather than go after rewards. You absorb ideas and retain them, due to remarkable memory. Being practical-minded, you plan ahead and usually carry your schemes and dreams to a photo finish. You have rare ability to acquire modern sophisticated knowledge. Your sense of understanding is not only deep but long-lasting. You are admired in society and become the best of friends. Your generosity is genuine. When you make money, you are liberal to friends. You like comforts and you seek the best in life. Your tastes are simple. You love games, outdoor sports, music, drama, art and literature. These cultural pursuits are more satisfactory to you than luxurious living or ostentatious display. You are a kind-hearted fellow and are a friend indeed to a friend in need. Though slow to action, you finally overcome all obstacles. You should curb your self-willed natures to get the best out of life. You should not let jealousy or prejudice lead you astry. You should postpone decisions when excited. You are usually faithfully and trustworthy. Your opinions are honest and sincere. Your own strength sometimes becomes your own weakness.

People born between 20th May & 20th June

You are versatile and quick to grasp situations, and often act effectively on the spur of a moment. Duality of nature which often run into contradictions but there are rare cases of split personality. Even in cases of self-contradiction, you make your policy sound plausible. You are imaginative, generous and affectionate. Your dissatisfaction with existing conditions makes you frequently desire for a change. You are popular and quick to acquire new skills. But you are content with superficial knowledge and half-way results. You are clever and witty. You cannot drive good bargains. You are very helpful to other people, giving them new ideas and offering them new opportunities. Experience means little to you. You feel sure of yourself without it. For you, the achievement of ambition is quite a prelude to disappointment. You quite often have to use will power to prevent this scattering of activity, otherwise your career ends in careerless. You must concentrate your abilities and find the right niche for yourself. In that case you can hope to establish lasting career and have continuous peace of economic satisfaction although happiness still escapes your grasp. You have a way of going from hot to cold, from enthusiasm to indifference, like the swing of a pendulum. But your friendly attitude will not shift to mistrust. You encounter problems but you have life long friendships because of overwhelming sincerity. You are unconventional and skeptical of prudery. Your keen foresight may suffer through over-enthusiasm. You let real opportunities languish while you go after something less profitable. You should not waste something which you have already gained. You should not ignore obstacles while laddering yourself to something bigger.

People born between 21st June & 22nd July

Your moods and purposes become as changeable as the moon. This self-contradiction is a part of your individual innate nature. You are home-loving, fond of family and domestic tranquility. You enjoy travel and adventure. You love the past and practically live in it. You seek the new but always comeback to the old. You are very sensitive but frequently you do not show it. Argument does not wear you but criticism hurts you. You are fond of amusement and social life. Changes of weather affect your restlessness. Beneath the variable surface you are steadfast. Your loyalty to family and friends is constant. An actual hurt or, even an imagined slight may drive you away from your loyalty. Imaginative and affectionate, you do not show your emotions outwardly. Too often you are misunderstood and go unappreciated. You should avoid any spite or jealousy. You are vivacious and humanitarian. You devote yourself to worthy causes. You can become too self-opinionated to understand others' point of view. You never admit defeat. Sometimes your foremost decisions are abandoned without reason which is another indication that you are swayed by moods. Nevertheless, you have strong determination and great perseverance. With these qualities, if properly employed, you can achieve great goals, and free yourself from worry and fear. You may miss great opportunities because of your changeability.

People born between 23rd July & 21st August

Both ambition and idealism are present in your character. You are impulsive, generous and brave. You are quick to follow your own intuition. Your success is furthered by marked influence. You win over those who oppose you by sheer magnetic qualities. You insist upon charting your own course in life. You do this with rigour and vigour. You like everything that is active. You are fond of outdoor life. You ride over your own faults so naturally that you are hardly aware of them. You are very exuberance. You feel that you are above criticism. Indolence is the greatest drawbacks of you. You reveal in ease and luxury until you are forced to action. You love the spotlight. You seek appreciation and affection. You honestly think that you are right. You stand up for your family. You are ready to denounce all who disagree. The higher you rise, the more convinced you become of your importance. You do not care for opposition. You do not show jealousy. You invite it. It throws the burden on your critics. You are easily flattered. You make the mistake of trusting false friends. You are above petty things and gain results through your charm of personality.

People born between 22nd August & 22nd September

You are devoted to deep purposes. You make good reasoner and convincing talker. You are apt to spend too much time over trifles and talk a subject dry. You have inquiring mind. You cannot rest until you have learnt all the ins and outs of a subject. You are skilled at drawing information from the people. You rationalise facts into a complete picture, remarkably accurate. You make good scooper and news hawk. You have remarkable memory. Your prolific memories retain all you have read, seen, and heard about. You have the ability to express in an elaborate form. Your analytical ability makes you to get people and projects. You are over-curious and too critical. Order and harmony are essential to you. You are fearful of accidents, illness and financial problems. You are sensitive to pain and all kinds of suffering. You are sympathetic to persons who experience misfortune. Your mental quickness and ability to concentrate enables you to shake off morbid spells. You are alert and hardworking. You are given to intellectual pursuits. You depend upon your ego as a driving force. When you are self-centred, you resort to deceit and double-dealing.