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Qualities of the "first Letter" in your Names (First / Middle / Last Names):


As per your name, it gives the desire to climb the ladder of the life map. This has the force to develop strong will power. This is more a constructive one. Direct and positive sides of the mind are seen. A certain amount of reservations are also seen.


As per your name, this is purely a self sufficient one. This can give the capacity to keep the inner thoughts. Not many come into contact and share your confidence. This is more an emotional one and makes you to be a man of moods. This gives certain amount of shyness and generally you are fish out of water in new places. This makes you a storehouse of knowledge.


As per your name, it is the imaginative one and develops this aspect of the mind. Energy and activity are also indicated by this. The mind is generally working always and even when there is bodily relaxation there is no relaxation for the mind. Restriction gives much pain and busy life is more pleasant. This also deals with the restlessness of nature.


As per your name, it indicates self-sufficiency. There will be a few who will be sharing your full confidence. This can also give a certain amount of physical effort. There will be an attachment for material prosperity. This gives importance to prestige. However, when there is an emergency, you will be more slow. The root cause for birth is desire which starts from your name letter D.


As per your name, this develops a tendency to look forward to the future. You will have manifold contacts.


As per your name, it indicates more devotion and affection and a certain amount of stubborn nature. This gives attachment to children and home. Simplicity and fixity of quiet life are also indicated. Even in strained circumstances and trials, you will be preserving harmony.


As per your name, it indicates flexibility. This gives many new ideas to the mind with prior reasoning. Impulsiveness is also shown by this. Introspection and self-analysis are with this but it is good to have a proper control over emotion, though success is denoted by following your own inspiration.


As per your name, it indicates calmness. It also indicates Man and God and the link between the two. Self-reliance is also indicated by this. Though for outward appearance, you look hard-hearted, in fact, softness is more indicated. It has got more divinity.


As per your name, it indicates more egoism though it gives alertness and self-reliance. This gives the power to lay down what you feel and know to be right. Extreme impulsiveness and emotional spirit are indicated. This gives energy when there is opposition.


As per your name, it is of movement and finds fresh friends. This gives the faculty to analyze the pros and cons of an issue. This has the creative faculties and more originality. If you are able to attend one plan after another, success is got.


As per your name, it has got higher significance. In normal walk of life, mind seeks changes. This can help to develop intuitional faculties if cultivated. Reverses will turn into good.


As per your name, it symbolizes philosophy and common sense. Reasoning faculty to put forth the arguments in convincing manner is indicated. This deals with the straightforward nature. It has got divinity also.


As per your name, it has up and down motion, indicating moods. Stubborn nature and fixity are shown by this. This shows higher stages.


The qualities and characteristics of the people who born in the respective Zodiacs:

People born between 23rd September & 22nd October

You have external perception balanced by intuition. You have much love for children. You are gentle, merciful, affectionate, open hearted, and honest person combined with strong passions. You have a keen aesthetic sense and are fond of beauty and symmetry. You are diplomatic and tactful and your judgements are sometimes hesitent and indecisive. You should avoid self-indulgence in the matters of sex and affection. Fortune smiles on you during your middle age. Be careful about court dealings. Try to overcome hesitation, weakness of will, extravagant expenditure and overfondness for pleasures.

People born between 23rd October & 21st November

Essentially adventurous, you are a born leader. You will carve out a dinstinct career for yourself. Secret doctrines, mysticism, the occult and spiritulist have an innate appeal for you. You are quick tempered and if you have enmity, it will be there forever. Be cautious about your enemies. Your will-power is strong and you have a kindly disposition. You subtle, energetic and have a keen and penetrating intellect. You are skilful, patient and shrewd in all matters. You are a lover of physique than pure love. You have to struggle for power and position during your first half of your life. Financially, you are OK. Please do not expect money all at once. Have patience in all matters and the ultimate result is success.

People born between 22nd November & 21st December

You have the strength to activate your vital energy to maximum vitality and mobility. Your thoughts shoot out in all directions and impregnate society with your latitude of vision and wide scope of understanding. You are bold, free and of a dashing character. Your instinct is strong and you will be successful if you follow your own instincts rather than following others' suggestions. You are too swift and sudden in action and speech. You make friends easily. Your early years will not be prosperous. Success comes to you only after middle age. Be careful about your friends and enemies.

People born between 22nd December & 20th January

Your characteristics are: ambition, hard-headedness, practicality, determination, diplomacy. You have tremendous drive, organising ability and vaulting ambition. The temperament is somewhat melancholic but not negative. Money-making comes easily and naturally. You are prodent, cautious, and hard working. You are duty bound. You are practical and economical in spending. You are self-made person. You are active, vigorous and plodding. You are versatile and shrewd in all matters. Try to adjust with your spouse and children. You have moods of despondency and melancholia. Keep them under your control.

People born between 20th January & 19th February

Your character is very distinctive. Your brain-power is first-class. The humanitarian instinct is deep and strong. Your sense of humour is wonderful. Your organizing ability is high and enthusiasm stupendous. You are uniquely intuitive. Your breadth of vision is very vast. You are kind, humanitarian and benevolently inclined. You have an alert mind and are keen to acquire more knowledge. You are not sound in your judgements. You have strong will power. You are fond of solitude. You will have good relations with your servants and employees - but you should be careful about financial matters with them.

People born between 19th February & 20th March

You have patient servitude and obedience. Your idealism may be very high yet because your actions are not in tune with your idealism, you appear to be hypocritical. Outwardly you appear to be soft, calm and placid but a strong sea of emotions upsurges within and you are mentally restless. You are too sensitive and are often upset by trifles. You change opinions very frequently. Try to overcome this. You are charitable and generous. You have a keen sense of gratidue. You do not have reliable friends. You will reach high positions by dint of your merit and hard work. You are generous and liberal in spending.