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Qualities of the "first Letter" in your Names (First / Middle / Last Names):


As per your name, it indicates more unsteady nature and the individual is likely to do things by fits and starts. The stroke is written upward and downward which indicates the rise, fall and again rise in the life map. At some period, everything will be unfavorable.


As per your name, it indicates that which is full and supreme. This helps you to have secrecy and hide yourself from outside intervention. This increases the power and increasing quality is with this name. You are likely to exaggerate your adverse circumstances of delays that are faced. You are more conservative in outlook.


As per your name, separation in temperament is the important point of this and even in the midst of busy atmosphere, calmness can be got. Even when trials are given by others, you are not likely to show your mental reaction as to how deep that particular remark has affected your mind. It may bestow higher wisdom.


As per your name, it indicates level-headedness and more of determined and fixed views. This gives the power to resist and fight to the last till success is got.


As per your name, it likes to show its presence everywhere as an advisor. Humanitarian deeds and constructive ideas are seen.


As per your name, it indicates a certain amount of inconsistency of thought and in spite of maximum efforts to secure a balanced life, it seems often difficult to get at it. Mind is likely to get confused often and unable to get at the correct thing.


As per your name, it is a strong note of forcible expression. Higher stages of the mental plane are denoted by this name letter. Sharing with others and sincerity are also seen. This is also otherwise Sacred Cross and the Lord Jesus.


As per your name, it is more of changing attitude. Attraction to higher form of life and to seek the truth is always in the mind. Self-confidence is doubted.


As per your name, it gives receptive nature. What you will learn will be put into action for making money.


As per your name, it indicates more details and you will do things thoroughly. You are likely to attempt many things in life. When working in the proper direction, power is seen. After trials in the earlier period, you will come up.


As per your name, it is an important letter and makes you to have moods of depression and conservative in mental outlook.


As per your name, it indicates the desire for solitude and does not like to share the thoughts with others. This gives more softness to the mind.


As per your name, it indicates strong and resolute temperament. When you get into a particular groove of thought, generally you do not change it. There is organizing capacity but it is spent for the welfare of others.